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Commercial Services

Tenant Finish

From small office to large office build outs, KLM can handle it all and provide your next project with full turnkey services.


Allow KLM to handle your next restaurant build from start to finish without the stress.

Medical Office

No matter your specialty, whether dentist or general practitioner, KLM delivers customized medical spaces in order for medical professionals to best serve their patients.

Residential Services

Story Additions

We specialize in complete residential renovations. From story additions to finished basements, interiors, exteriors and landscaping, we do it all.

Multi Family

KLM Construction offers ground up multifamily construction.

New Construction

From initial consultation to interior finish, KLM is in constant collaboration with clients & architects.

Our Process

Plan & Design
Cost Analysis

Our Story

A Builder Grows In West Highland

Featured Article: Highland Way Of Life

KLM Construction– A corning of age story with hard work, not heartache.
West Highland resident and KLM Construction owner, Kris Miller, is getting his morning coffee at Highlands Cork & Coffee before starting his day in the field. His field is the Highlands where he typically has 6-8 construction projects underway and where he shares a home with his wife, Lisa and their dog, Digger.
“KLM Construction is a neighborhood builder. We live and work in the neighborhood and so does most of our crew.” A crew that’s been with him for over 10 years, with one exception—his Dad Peter, who moved to West Highland from Melbourne, Australia, where Kris was born and raised. Growing up around real estate and development in Melbourne, the seed was planted early and it shouldn’t be a surprise that Colorado is where he’s chosen to grow. Each year, Kris’s Dad took him and his younger sister to see the most recent Warren Miller movie and each year Kris dreamed of seeing Colorado for himself.
After University, with work visa in hand, he packed up and headed to the other hemisphere. He road tripped from LA to Vail and knew it was time to start working when he was down to $35. “I’ve worked since I was 11. I had a paper route, a bike, and earned my own money. That’s never changed, except for the paper route.” Vail was supposed to be for one season, but like many Colorado residents, it turned into 3 years and it’s where he met his wife. They worked hard and enjoyed life in the mountains but eventually it was time to expand.
He started small and each year has continued to grow. “We’re the same company as when we started, just bigger. We work hard and stand behind what we do. Quality is our foundation and our best advertising is a satisfied customer. They’re my neighbors, so I care if they’re happy.”
KLM Construction is a custom home building company specializing in new construction, remodels, and additions. Their additions blend old with new and give homeowners the opportunity to raise their family in the city, in a home with their desired features. When asked ‘What’s the best advice he can give a new client?” Kris recommends not rushing the planning stage. “Put in the time and effort at the beginning to make sure you’re getting what you want. In the end, it will save you time, money and stress.”
With a busy schedule, Kris wouldn’t have it any other way. He likes working and when he’s not, the area allows him to ride motorcycles and dirt bikes and go snowboarding. “There’s no place I’d rather live. Denver has always reminded me of Melbourne and I couldn’t ask for more than that.”
So if you see Kris working on a project, at the coffee shop, or walking his dog around the neighborhood, say g’day and ask him about your next project.